The SD-WAN system will make others obsolete

All companies worldwide want to use the best in their technology, so it is necessary to always be updated with the latest. The SD-WAN software is one of the best on the telecommunications market and carries out analysis, application and data management of all kind.
The sd wan has a lot benefits such as: The automation of an effective and customized configuration, global view and specify channel integration holistically, integration of service at will or any need that the company have. Among other advantages, it reduces expenses for maintenance, since it is a system with the excellent quality that has relatively lower costs than other platforms used for the same purpose.

SD-WAN solutions are composed of a set of operating modules:
Cloud Net Manager Visualizer
• High-level monitoring of users and services
• Help in marketing decisions
Cloud Net Manager Controller
• Provides a visual interface
• Facilitates monitoring
Cloud Net Manager Servicer
• Channeled storage optimization
• Additional security
Cloud Net Manager Base provides
• Integration of channels on a single platform
• Introduce tools as it develops
• Adaptability and customization
• Easy to use
• Reduces operational costs
• Global Reach
• Soluble; allows you to introduce changes gradually as you update with information with an intelligent guide. Based on the cloud
• High capacity to support high numbers of nodes
• The public in the cloud or in the central data of the owner
Cloud Net Manager Provisioner
• Automatic tool configurations
• Certificate of and the guarantee of reliability in your communications
• Follow-up and support (feedback)
• Secure connectivity
To configure a new headquarters of any company, the SD WAN network is used and the installation processes are remote, locating the devices and making the connections, so that they can access the branch in a virtual way, downloading them, configuring them and starting to work. automatically with any application.

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