Facts About Air Conditioner That You Should Be Aware of

Without air conditioning, life could be miserable, especially between June and August when the summer heat is just unbearable. air conditioner colorado springswould wish that you think about those units in your car, office, and home which make life bearable. That is why you need to know the following facts concerning the air conditioner.

• Willis Carrier was an engineer in 1902, working at the New York publishing company. He started looking for ways in which to control humidity in the room to help it to dry faster. According to him, he invented what he referred to as an Apparatus for Treating Air, and that was the invention of the air conditioner. In 1906, he received a patent for it.
• Even though it was invented in 1902, it became popular in the 1950s. That is the time, a system which was similar to what is currently in homes came into the market. And within 3 years, more than 1 million of the units were out in the market.
• If you compare the moisture in cool air and that of warm air, that of warm air is high, and thus, the act of ensuring that the temperature is lowered in a room is via moisture being drawn out. While dehumidifiers tend to work better than the ACs, but the ACs prevent mildew and mould growth.
• Apart from the air conditioners keeping your room cool, it will be in a position to remove allergens and any other small particle which might be in the air. So if you suffer from allergies when the weather is warm, the AC will help you in controlling it.
• If you get an AC which is a window unit which comes with foam weather strips, accordion flaps, then it will be an effective and cheap way of preventing leaks.

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